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Family Portrait Information

PhotoArt Services

Our PhotoArt Services include Fine Art Landscape Photography & Fine Art Portraiture. SImon's clients are people that love art, framed and ready to hang on the wall. We aim to create Photographic Art that you want hanging on the walls of your home.


We create fine art prints, framed prints, floating acrylic prints. These are all high end for that wow factor.


For our modern frames, please contact me directly with your requirements.


If you need any more information then please feel free to contact me at any time via my email contact page. Thank you.

Simon is also a passionate portrait photographer, creating family and lifestyle portraits in the great outdoors. He prefers to shoot on location for that authentic look and families and couples tend to have more of a fun and relaxing time when Simon captures those all important relaxed moments of families just having fun.


We also photograph High School Senior Portraits, a phenomenon from the U.S.A. that is huge over there. We have a number of great out door locations we use to capture stunning portraits for you and your family and all local to the Bristol area.


I have included many images of my own family to show how children grow so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was reading them bedtime stories. So it is very important to capture your child or children's youth before it's too late. That's why I'm here to record those precious moments for you as your family grows.


We have two portrait session options fees:-


1.) The light session which lasts half an hour. Ideal for those young families with very young children. Session fee is £65

2.) The full session which is one hour. Session fee £125.. Digital files are charged individually at £45 each ( High Resolution ) or £500 for 35 images on a USB Flash Drive.



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Our PhotoArt Prices for Giclee prints are as follows:-


14"x10" mounted and matted print to fit an 18"x12" frame  £150.00


A3 - 18"x12" Giclee Fine Art  Matt Print £150.00


A2 -  24"x16" Giclee Fine Art Matt Print  £250.00


A1 -  30"x20" Giclee Fine Art Print Matt  £350.00


40"x10" Panoramic Giclee Fine Art Matt Print £350.00




Acrylic FIne Art frameless prints are:-


A3 - 18x12" Acrylic frameless print is £450.00


A2 -  24"x16" Acrylic frameless print is £500.00


A1 -  33"x24" Acrylic frameless print is £760.00


Please email Simon to purchase prints and framed prints that are

not listed in our 20 favourites within our shop. Please quote  the

print reference number, the size in inches and whether you want

just a print or a framed product. All transactions are done through

secure Paypal. Thank you.







Fine Art Sizes & Pricing