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Behind The Scenes


Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor headshots or maybe you would like both. It's our aim to produce your headshots with the minimum of fuss. Our aim is to create stunning portraits but with a very portable camera and lighting kit. We appreciate your time is precious, so we work swiftly with no huge lighting rigs, leads and big bacdrops. That just not us.  We are location headshot photographers prefering to shoot in your enviroment.


We shoot mainly natural light portraits with a splash of creative flash. From C.E.O's, to small business entrepeneurs, to actors and employees.

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Professional lighting that is revolutionising

creative lighting techniques for the

professional photographer on location.

FLASHBENDER - "I use it because it is so portable and my corporate clients love the fact that I don't need to take up a whole room to shoot business headshots. I can shoot on the move in multiple locations in my clients working enviroment with no disruption to their day."